The Challenge | Looking GLOBE-ally

Analyze and/or display data to communicate interesting findings or improve public understanding of our home planet.

Project IMPACT

The aim of this project is to apply a geological approach to educate and inform the larger community on the effects of extra-terrestrial bodies on the Earth’s surface by using a virtual reality platform.

1. Project background

A large part of the population does not have access to geoheritage thus making it very difficult for science communication. The solutions to bridge this gap can be accomplished by using Project Impact which serves as the link between academia and communities. This serves as an initiative to teach and educate the community about extra-terrestrial bodies. In doing so, a greater understanding of the geoheritage of the area can be accomplished.

2. Problems encountered

The issues associated with this project is accessing data from online repositories and finding a venue with internet/WiFi connection.

Another issue is learning to adapt videos to a self-created virtual platform and the access to, and use of open source data.

3. The pros

This application will allow for the outreach to the larger demographic by using a virtual reality which is equipped with various languages.

It will also serve as an educational means in which a greater understanding off the geoheritage can be obtained.

4.Future developments

Possible future developments include experiencing the virtual reality in the 5th dimension. Having this implemented would increase the understanding of extra-terrestrial bodies and possibly spark an interest in the academia associated with it.

Public engagement- With increased public engagement there will be a greater understanding of the geoheritage in the area and the public will get the opportunity to exchange knowledge with academia.

Including more languages can help break the language barrier which is a considerable factor when trying to implement new initiatives. This will help educational projects like project impact have a greater impact on a large population of people including people from rural areas helping them understand scientific concepts in various languages.

5. Resources used:

EarthExplora -

Google Earth Enterprise (Downloaded from Github)

NASA satellite imagery


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.