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Compact Sorting Bin

Decentralizing the waste management from ground level!



A dream of decentralizing waste management.


India generates 1,00,000 metric tonnes of waste per day.

Only about 25000 tonnes is treated.

The only reason behind not being able to treat or manage waste is a centralized waste management system. This is a world wide scenario where sorting of waste is getting more and more complex because of introduction of new materials in the market.

The problem with decentralizing the waste collection is higher cost of transport and accumulation.


It consists of mainly 2 parts.



It accumulates large amount of waste in a small area thus decreasing cost of transport.

Data from NASA can be used to understand the demographics i.e urban cover , forest cover ,etc

Depending on demographics , the type of waste is predicted and respective collecting bags is used. Rest of the waste should be collected in a black sac in the bin which is for non recyclable waste.


The crushed waste is compact and results in storage of more waste

Recycler will be having a ease to recycle the material .

The dangerous medi waste and e waste won’t contaminate the recyclable waste any more.

Vegetable and kitchen waste , after crushing can be used in manure production.


The dustbins will be sold to households , institutes and factories at minimum possible cost.

The access and collection of waste will be under limited to the company.

The data of demographics will be used to supply the respective sacs to dustbins.

The non recyclable waste is sent to municipal management and rest is sold to recyclers.

Expected revenue to manufacture a fully functioning

A mini crusher worth about 4000 Rupees.

The dustbin arrangement worth about a 700 Rupees.

A mobile app can be used to contact the recycler after the bin is filled. There will be a ease for recycler to pay the customer as per the weight.



How do u deal with uncertainty in type of waste collected?

We have used sacs instead of chambers in the bin.

Transport cost and size of bin

The crushed waste is compact and sacs accumulate more amount of waste than the contemporary bins thus decreasing size of bin and transport cost.

Initial cost of manufacture

The crusher has corresponding chambers and depending on chambers the blades are modified to reduce the making cost.

i.e. Stainless steel blades for plastic waste , spokes for tetra packs ,etc

What if my waste is intrinsic and cant be crushed ?

Slide the crusher and directly throw waste in sacs.

What if my waste doesn’t suit any pre mentioned sacs?

We have a separate chamber for e wastes and other waste that can contaminate other sacs. This chamber will be used by R&D of waste collecting agency to deal with waste properly.

Power supplied and what if my blades are stuck?

  • We use high toque and low speed asychronous motors. A handle is provided , to rotate the shaft in case of overloading!

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