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The Challenge | Looking GLOBE-ally

Analyze and/or display data to communicate interesting findings or improve public understanding of our home planet.

System Ally Health

The SysAllyHealth system's main goal is to facilitate the use and applicability of co-allied users in global health management and monitoring.

BUFS - Brothers United for Space

Link of depository: https://github.com/vicktor492/Sys-ally-health


System Ally Health

Brothers United for Space

"This is our space".

Bruno R. P. Uzeda

Marcos N. C. dos Santos

Ítallo M. Lima

Abimael de A. Silva

Victor A. S. da Silva

Space Apps Challenge

Salvador / BA - 2018

 Justification

By means of previous circumstantial analyzes, the complexity of the information currently presented requires a great need for socio-educational development in order to understand the realities and aspects of data use, which mostly have applicability in solving conflicts or global problems.

 Objectives

 Promote easily understood information.

 Control and establish prevention.

 To solve the difficulties of records and consultations on diseases such as dengue, chagas, leishmaniasis, malaria, among other diseases and / or worldwide pathologies collected by health agents.

 Developed Platform

Web System and Mobile Application - System Ally Health

 Procedures

Develop public health issues in a simplified way, establishing a direct relationship between the entire world population, knowledge of information and advertising of computed data. Facilitating strongly the understanding of stakeholders.

The public is basically divided between:

• Collaborating User (Ex.: Health Agents);

• End Users (the general public as it is beneficial information)

 Applicability

Change the way we look at the planet and increase our understanding of what happens to us silently. By means of direct integration the possibility, probability and "data mining" to solve and foresee great problems in regional / local scopes up to the global sphere.

 Final Considerations

In view of the foregoing, one notices the greatness of obtaining mastery over any problems that may arise, since humanity needs clarity and understanding in popular language, to understand world development and its simply facilitated aspects.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.