The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.

Fire Fighters Sensors (FFS)

FFS aims to detect the fire in its early stages even faster that satelites. By Using a network of highly precise sensors, FFS can sense when and where the first blaze is triggered and react immediately by sending 2 Warnings(for the firemen, nearby citizens


In 2016( US Statistics), More than 3500+ Adult including 309 children have passed away, mainly because of Forest fire, their warning siren went off too late to take precautions, they lost the precious seconds that could have saved their lives. As International Citizens it's our duty to assure that kind of catastrophes will never happen again. Therefore, We have developed a comprehensive Warning System ( Detect And React ) which detect the early impressions of the first blaze and send a wide range of warning notifications instantaneously. Let's go into details. Our system components are : A device that consists of 4 sensors which are connected to a motherboard and set in a forest near the civilization. the sensors will be adjusted precisely to detect the following fire features (along with the rising temperature) : 1- Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen oxide, Carbon Dioxide 2- Heat Sensor 3- Humidity 4- Inclusive Gas Sensors ( ex. Methane) after spotting the danger, It reacts instantly together with the SIM card inside the motherboard and sends a warning to our website and fireman. which will include the Location details. The website in its turn: will send a Mayday emergency signal to the Application that will be installed on the citizens' phones. -The whole system generates its own electricity by Solar Panels Other Idea Suggestions :to set up a high-quality camera connected with the system to take a photo of the exact fire location. To build that kind of a system during 2 days of weekend wasn't easy at all, we have encountered many setbacks. For example: 1-The lack of the efficient Material: All Materials Shops were closed on weekend which didn't help us at all.even when we found one, It didn't have the high technical materials which we were looking for. 2-Time Trouble: We have received the acceptance mail in the night before the hackathon. Therefore, every minute was very critical for the project, we didn't sleep at all for 2 days to complete the project 3-The replacement material: We had to think quick and replace the unavailable materials with new ones. And learn how to set it up from scratch. Resources: We have used many resources but the majority of it was from NASA's example resources.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.