The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


Spotifire enables crowd-sourcing wildfire reporting with a direct link to authorities

Skies on Fire


Wildfire destruction puts the environment and human lives in danger. It is key to get early and effective detection which is enabled through Spotifire crowd-sourcing plataform.

Anyone can report a fire, sending its location and a photo, that will be analyzed to evaluate fraud and how hazardous a wildfire is based on historical data.

The app will report to authorities and also send an in-app warning to people near the area.

Spotifire Features:

  • Crowd-sourcing platform to detect wildfires
  • Warns nearby people about a potentially harmful wildfire
  • Involves citizens directly in wildfire control
  • Evaluates wildfire hazard potential according to historical data
  • Predicts whether it is a likely fraud case

Link to repository :


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