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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.

Fire the Fire

Fire the Fire is a mobile app , which aims to take the next step in fast and reliable fire detection with basically 0 cost. A willing community and Nasa's OpennEX API is all we require to make firefighter's job easier and people's life safer.


How our app solves the challenge?
  1. Uses the power of crowdsourcing in a simple mobile app.
  2. Reduces wildfire detection time to approximately 5 minutes .
  3. Reduces false alarm rate.
  4. Makes estimations about resources required to put out the fire , based on current conditions.

Possibility to report a fire in your area or nearby , with just asimple double-tap ( Ability to include pictures/videos)

Immediately report to local firefighting station and nearby citizens along with the location ( to confirm the fire or report it as false) .

A specific number of people have to confirm the fire, reducing false alarm rates. This number is dependent on several factors like ( location fire history , atmospheric conditions, location type , current season, is accompanied by pictures/videos or not .)

After confirmation , a second alarm is sent to the firefighting station ( confirming or not the fire ) . They can use this confirmation time( estimated about 2-3 minutes ) for full preparation.

IN ISOLATED AREAS WHERE NO PEOPLE ARE PRESENT , NASA's Opennex APIs can be used. Maximum detection time will be 15 minutes (time satellite images update ) , average detection time 5 minutes .


MAKE ESTIMATIONS BASED ON FIRE LOCATION AND WEATHER CONDITIONS about number of resources needed to put out the fire .

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Fire History Data :


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