The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


Our project "HACK THAT FIRE!" is used for early detection of wildfires and alert the people nearby region.



Over past years, we are facing many fire accidents in cities,forests etc.This results in Human and Animal losses and it also damages the ecosystems.So,we intellies came up with a solution which is used for early detection of wildfires.

some of the biggest fire accidents that occured recently are

-> British Columbia wildfires,which was occured in british columbia

.These fire accident was the biggest fire accident occured in the year 2018.

It burned out nearly 3,208,550 acres.

-> Mendocino Complex Fireā€ ,which was occured in california.These fire accident caused

229 structures destroyed and 2 reported burned out nearly

459,102 acres .

-> Carr Fire,which was occured in california. These fire accident caused a lot of damage

1599 structures destruction and 7 reported burned out 178,792 acres

of land.


To overcome these problems, we need to detect the fire earlier before it spreads.This decreases the damages and losses.For this, we need to create a platform or an application for early detection of fire before it spreads and alerts the people nearby through this application.

Basic Functionalities for making an application or platform:

*DETECTION(Reporting a Fire) which can be done by using camera i.e., thermal imaging camera.If any fire occurs,immediately this camera will send a pulse to satellite.

*VERIFY AND SCREEN FIRE REPORTS: We immediately cross check the spot by capturing a picture or a video through satellite live.

*NOTIFY COMMUNITIES AT RISK:By tracking the location,an alert message pops up to all the Fire Departments, Schools etc nearby places.

*TREE POWER:- This is used to activate the device by sending the power supply. This is less expensive and even an average grown tree produces 200mV power . By using multiplier we can produce the required power to activate the device.


*It is an IP system that allows us to instantly and remotely connect and control it through internet.

*We can get info from anywhere in the world using Ascendent Remote management Software(ARMS)on your devices.

*It is extremely sophisticated multi sensor system it is also user friendly plug and play solution.

*We can detect from all environmental parameters taking into considerations.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.