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The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.

Spot That Fire with SpotyFire

SpotyFire is an application that helps users to detect a fire emergency and to notify authorities and people around through capturing an image and sending a description for the fire traits.

Infinite Loop

SpotyFire aims to help limiting the fire effect in the environment. This application intends to be used in populated and unpopulated areas from humans.

We are concentrated in detecting fire for populated areas. SpotyFire tracks active fires happening around the world through the help of users that capture an image and send the location and a description of the event happening. The images can contain smoke and fire which comes to verification phase in the back-end.

For unpopulated areas this application will come in help in the future as it is thought to detect fire from image sensors.

For this application we used Vue.js for building an interactive web interface and back-end using R Programming language for image processing and text mining in the verification phase.

Also we tended to make a mobile version for SpotyFire app with Android Studio

Our future goals for this product is to integrate predictive modeling for fire spread with climate data.

We plan on continuing to construct the back-end over the next couple of months so we can fully implement the verification phase and fire notification. Once completed, we would like to package our product into an API readily available to emergency services.



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