The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


FireWatcher is thought for people who want to stay in contact with the last infos about wildfires around them and, also, participate to detect them


Nowadays wildfires, are a big problem for people who live around the world: for their lives, and also, for environment and cities. The solution we propose, follows an approach to use people contributions, to reduce the time necessary to discover the presence of a wildfire. In this case NASA gives a support, identifying them through their satellites. We realize the prototype of an Android app, to permits people to share reports about new fires, they see near them. We thought to handle this reports, in order to discover if they are true or not. In this case, we use the infos from NASA database, the possibility to submit a photo of the fire by the user, and identify it using a CNN, and cross all this things with other people's reports, to take a decision in a fully automated way. The app provides, in this prototype, to send new reports with informations about: environment condition around, distance between user and fire, and a photo. It provides a map with red zones, representing wildfires noticed by NASA satellits, and placeholder, for the ones which are reported by people and considered true datas. Because of the time we had, we couldn't implement other features, we consider important as the previous aspects: the possibilities to receive push notifications in case of wildfires near a user, the use of SMS notifications in case of lack of internet, and the providing of a community for reporters, to encourage them to participate, and finally, also use weather data to predict and confirm wildfires reports. The technologies we've used are: Java for coding the Android app and the backend server, with Spring framework, Python to use Tensorflow fot the CNN and the microframework Flask, Mongodb to store reports. Everything is scalable cause the simple and stateless backend server, and it's possibile to host it in cloud, and use notifications services available. We leave links to the repos and our email for everything, eventually, informations.

Backend server:

Android app:




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