Fire Watch | Spot That Fire!

The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.

Fire Watch

We will use NASA’s satellite and a drone to spot a fire. Once a wildfire is spotted, the satellite will send a signal to the drone. and informing firefighters and residents using the app of the location and the best way to go or escape.

Fire Watch

Background: -

The main idea is to use NASA's satellite (GOES-16) to detect wildfires and send its location to the app. The app sends to a drone/quad-copter to the location of the fire to collect more information about wind speed, direction, humidity, temperature, and the best way to distinguish the fire preventing its spreading. It also determines best routes for the citizens to take and escape from the flames.

Our app focused on two of the suggested topics and one not suggested:-

  • Report a fire: we uploaded in the app a picture of a location of a past wildfire (as an example, because the drone/quad-copter is prohibited, but we did simulate it).
  • Verify and screen fire reports: a fire report is displayed in the app (as an example).
  • Give precautions and advise: about wildfires.

Resources: -

Challenges: -

The challenge that faced us is using android studio and finding some issues while debugging. We found that the problem lies within the code itself (Using google maps API while there is no API code or no access) and there was no time to solve it, so we used a simple app inventor (MIT app inventor) to make a new app with the same goal.

Another challenge that faced us is that a quad-copter is prohibited, so we made a video that simulated the camera of a quad-copter.


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