Team Updates

The brand new day has begun.

# Goals for today:

- visualize fire alerts in stream
- visualize fire alerts on map
- implement posting of fire alerts (by users)
- get NASA data

# Learned

This project could have many useful features (web app, mobile app, scan twitter, fb bot, machine learning, users authorization and etc) but it would take many days to setup and tune all those modules. So it would be great to create scaffolding project which would have all those modules, which I could easily turn on.

hyzhakEugene Krevenets
first coffee today
first coffee today
hyzhakEugene Krevenets
hyzhakEugene Krevenets

Hello World!

Let's begin the Hackathon :D

I have created github organization here
and repository for the project
all issues will be there

This project I will split in 3 parts:
- preparation milestone
- 1st day milestone
- 2nd day milestone

For the moment I will focus on "preparation milestone" and in few hours will switch to "1st day milestone".
If you want and could help with some of issues and join the team, please drop me a message to, github or chat

Stay tune and see you soon!

hyzhakEugene Krevenets

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