The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


Cataclysm aims to help in real time detection, alerting and tracking of wildfires.


we will use the power of crowdsourcing to report wildfires in real time using twitter and our application.

people shall be able to report, track and be alerted of the wildfires related to their selected locations.

Challenges and solutions:

spam prevention and report credibility >> pictures taken for wildfires are through the app only and GPS must be on.

picture verification through AI and computer vision whether the taken picture is a wildfire or not

increase user count to be a crowd sourcing tool >> user sign in with his twitter account. the reported wildfire can be shared on the user's twitter page

there is an in app news feed for happening wildfires, the data is crawled from twitter through specific hashtags and search queries.

data mining techniques will be used to extract location from tweets

increase user interaction >> leverage the idea of gamification such that the user will get profile badges related to wildfire reporting and credibility.

integrate some daily used features like weather status

wildfire alerting to users and relevant authorities >> there will be a voting system between the report, people and crawled twitter data.

after a certain threshold, the authorities will be informed to take actions.

wildfire tracking >> the wildfire will be tracked through a heat-map using the reported wildfire location and wind speed and direction.


Github, publicly available wildfire images data set (

Prject link >>

Presentation >>


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