The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.


Our aim is to raise the fearless curiosity in everyone about the mysteries behind the start of the world. With the simple language used in the video, we hope people, even without any knowledge of an asteroid, particularly Bennu, can understand our message.

Have you ever wondered what happened when our solar system was formed? What led to human beings’ existence? What are the clues behind the origin of life?

While the truth about the asteroid named Bennu has not been uncovered yet, we should not hesitate to take a guess. Do not mind whether it is right or wrong!

We - The Bennuists - are students aging between 15 and 19. Although none of us majors in Astronomy or other related fields, we still have a strong belief that curiosity and imagination will inspire us to take big steps in revealing all the mysteries.

We used a simple language and an interesting method to make a video about what we think Bennu is hiding so that anyone, especially children, who does not know much about science will not be worried when watching the video. It includes the basic information about Bennu and our thought of possible discoveries awaiting us in the near future.

Now, let your CURIOSITY awake with our IMAGINATION!

Video link:


- NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center





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