Stellar Endeavors | Hello, Bennu!

The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.

Mysterious Asteroid

Our challenge is to tell the world about 'Bennu' . We have used social media to promote and tell about the journey of bennu. we have visited to few colleges and reached out to our friends and conducted a session which explains about OSIRIS-Rex .

We have gathered information from the official NASA website

We are team Stellar Endeavours . We used social media as one of the medium to communicate with the world and tell them about Bennu the asteroid.

Initially we had to research about Bennu and it was the most interesting part of our challenge and we really enjoyed it because we were learning more about it and it was really exciting to learn about Bennu and its journey.

As we know word of mouth plays a very important role so,we approached many people irrespective of age and conducted sessions to educate people about Bennu in an interesting and interactive manner.

The next thing we did is creating an instagram page and getting followers for it by making people attract towards it with mind blowing posts.We got a very good response for the page and people are really excited for our upcoming posts.This is our instagram page about BENNU

Last but not the least we have uploaded our video on youtube and now we will share it with our contacts and as many people as possible.

The most interesting fact is that we have taken reviews from our audience , this helped us know what is the impact of our presentations and how effectively we are doing our challenge.

We would like to bring to your notice that we are not going to stop this awareness here as our team decided that this challenge we are not going to do just for the sake of NASA Space Apps Challenge , we are going to continue this further and bring out more and more awareness about Bennu . This is because we loved it , we really loved our challenge and we will continue to educate people about more and more interesting updates which will be posted in NASA website , we will try to collect the resources and educate people about that.


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