The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.

Leading life in MARS through Bennu!

Asteroid BENNU can hit earth on 2175. But we’ll try to change its path to MARS to see if it can create a habitat on MARS or not. Our idea is to gradually decrease the mass and radius by mining resources from it so that we can change its path and save earth


We are particularly interested in Bennu. Because, it is already threatening the earth with 0.037% chances to crash on earth. And the threat can cause our extinction. As we know about the attack of an asteroid on our home planet which happened in Russia (2013), it is obvious that the space is uncertain and anything can happen anytime. And so we have taken “Hello, Bennu” as our challenge to let people become aware more of it and implement our unique ideas to get most of it’s potential.

In our project, we’ve come up with an idea to change Bennu's trajectory by gradually decreasing its mass and radius. While decreasing the mass, we will also be able to collect its resources (e.g. Precious metals) from it. Following this way, the earth is being saved and we are also getting the chance of using Bennu in a unique way. So, it is going to be beneficial for us in both of the ways.


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