The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.

All About Bennu

Our video’ll tell a story about Bennu by showing OSIRIS-REx launching from Earth heading to it taking samples and how they’ll affect our understanding of solar evolution, life origin and even fuel the next space missions then simulating its impact to earth

  • Background:

reliance on OSIRIS-REx mission database and the achieved discoveries from past asteroid sampling missions to predict what discoveries we might make from OSIRIS-REx mission. Also, how carbonaceous asteroids record the earliest stages of the solar system and the universe. Moreover, the uncertainties in Bennu's orbit and its approach to our planet, Earth, every 6 years leave us a chance of impacting Earth, what will happen then? will this shape our end? how have this influenced other planets, as Mars and Venus, so far and in the meantime?

  • Resources:

websites as NASA database, worldscienceu

NASA Scientific Visualization Studio,
NASA OSIRIS-REx mission,
NASA Earth Observatory,
Sientific american ,
NASa Planetary science, Science hub, asteroidmission,
NASA Goddard youtube channels
and google scholar research engine.

  • Challenges Faced:

we were supposed to complete the video in time, so gathering information then making the video scenario, ordering and editing it to show it in the best form were all challenges we had to pass through to complete the project. Also in the local team registration we had a problem with the internet connection and all what we wrote on the application was removed at the same time we forgot to take a copy from most of it and we were forced to finish the application in 15 minutes and we finished it before a minute from the deadline


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