The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.

hydra team

Our group made a video that talked about Bennu asteroid, its features, the projects and researches done to know more about the asteroid, what threat it can create to Earth and how to prevent its damage if it is going to hit the Earth


our challenge is about Bennu asteroid.

we must make a video talking about this asteroid. we had a background about this issue and we had programmers that could design a good video. before we started In the video, we collect a lot of information about Bennu and after that every one share his information and the search what he did with each other and after that we start made our video and the first thing we did we introduced Bennu and explained what it is. Then we gave information about the asteroid and talked about its features. we also discussed if Bennu could create a threat to Earth and how to save the Earth if it will fall on it. our group also added pictures to make the video easier to understand.. We see that we have covered all the topics related to Bennu and gave a detailed and entertaining explanation about our topic.


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