horizon explorers | Hello, Bennu!

The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.

The story of origin

Our challenge aims to study the journey of bennu through the formation of the universe and unlock some mysteries about the story of our origin.

horizon explorers

Although we have known a lot about solar system, many mysterious secrets are still hidden.

In horizon explorers we are studying the asteroid bennu to unlock the mysterious of our origin.

Unluckily , we didn’t found enough research papers about the topic but we tend to use a one trusted place.
NASA's website was very useful place to collect data, information and videos.

Making and editing our video , finally , we have succeeded in our mission to explain the benefits of studying the asteroidand the mission of OSIRIX – REX all over its time .

One of the resources used in our researches :


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