Cool Animators | Hello, Bennu!

The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.

Bennu's memoir

Bennu's Memoir is a life story shared by the asteroid Bennu in which we simplify the story of Bennu and reveal some of the unanswered questions by scientists.

 Cool Animators


After getting fascinated by the asteroid's story and components, we decided to make a simpler biography and imagining the events that occured through his long trip in a fun way and understandable by the majority of people.


Nasa's animated movie:

Bennu and chleyabinsk's:


We have faced many challenges, but as we all know challenges are lessons of learning and gaining more experience in life in general. The toughest one is when we had to transform text informations about bennu into an animated clip.


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