The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.


problem will this app solve and opportunity will it exploit: Our project is for the challenge (Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu). The problem is that people knows little things -almost nothing- about Bennu asteroid. We found a creative way to introduce Bennu to people by using Gamification approach. We Used the famous game which everyone plays (Minecraft) to design a game which named (BennuCraft) the players will have an opportunity to know everything about Bennu asteroid; they will search for boxes of Bennu treasures; metals, Carbon, enzymes, and medicines. Moreover, they will learn several facts about the asteroid for example, Yarkovsky effect that Sun lights give Bennu asteroid that much of heat on one side and drifted it to the earth and expected explosion may happened, also Bennu asteroid regard as a huge fuel station for rockets. As a result, all players will have engaged and learn more about Bennu.

Goal: Using gamification to tell the world about the Bennu asteroid.

Our assumptions: Several assumptions we bring to this project that players will increase their knowledge of Bennu and they will be aware of the potential disaster which may happen if the asteroid crash the earth.


We have faced a challenge in finding more details about Bennu such as we know that it has a hot side, but we have not find how much degree is it? And the limited time of the competition put us under pressure while we were working.



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