The Challenge | Hello, Bennu!

Tell the world about the asteroid named Bennu.

Hello Bennu! Why are we watching you?

Hello Bennu! is an application built to inform & spark interest in a very important asteroid named Bennu.

Bennu and the Jets

Hello Bennu ( is the work of Tommy Truong, Trent Herbert & Emily Curtis. Our goal was to build an application that was beautiful, fun & told an entertaining story about why scientists are watching an asteroid named Bennu. Our backgrounds are a mix of User Experience, Design, Computer Science & Audio Engineering. We put our heads together with agile project mapping, developing an app from scratch with all custom art assets & original music for our video.

Our process started with choosing our audience. As a team with a heavy UX background we decided that we wanted to use our app as a full-bodied introduction to Bennu for anyone coming from any background. We came together with all of our research and set forward to organize it in an understandable story. We sorted the content into manageable categories that summarize the key importance of why monitoring Bennu is important.

We ran into many challenges along the way, but as a team we were able to work rapidly to solve these problems. From not being sure we were going to participate, to losing team members, to getting a late start - we have pushed forward to the end and we are proud to have participated in this challenge together. We hope that this app inspires people of any age to learn more about space and become interested in the world around them.

Links to our project code:

The resources used by our team:


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