The Challenge | Don’t Forget the Can Opener!

Create an easy-to-use way for people to develop their own, custom checklists – both items and plans – for specific kinds of disasters. Use NASA images, videos, or data visualizations to illustrate each disaster type, to help people understand how to prepare.


Application to help people to be prepared to face natural disasters.

Stranger Team

-What we are going to build-

The problem we try to solve is that people keep struggling difficult situations due to natural disasters because a lack of information.

We propose an app that informs to people about the available alerts in their area in advance providing:

  • information about the disaster
  • safety tips
  • first aid techniques
  • direct call to emergency number
  • proposing some useful items that you can buy to be prepared.
  • request/provide help from/to others.

-How we are going to build it-

Hybrid application using ionic, cordova and vue. That basically means that it is a webapp encapsulated to simulated native apps for ios, windows and android. We have decided this to prototype our app because it is fast and easy.

We use a gitlab repository

GitHub Stranger Team

Resources used


Alert Feeds:

Presentation link:


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