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The Challenge | Don’t Forget the Can Opener!

Create an easy-to-use way for people to develop their own, custom checklists – both items and plans – for specific kinds of disasters. Use NASA images, videos, or data visualizations to illustrate each disaster type, to help people understand how to prepare.


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Helping people to be early alerted and prepared for natural disasters through a customized list of what do and what to take based on their needs and conditions and suggest strategies to avoid danger based on location and disaster type.

ShieldList is an open source application that is connected with NASA database to provide live streaming of natural disasters and educational information during and after danger time. It is also developed to send early alerts of possible natural threats like hurricanes and wildfires before its occurrence and as fast and accurate as possible. Having done the alerting, ShieldList generates a costume list without user interaction of what to take with you for you, your family and even pets and what to do based on the personal information inserted upon signing up, on location, natural disaster type or even just bad weather conditions and how long it could be staying. This list can be shared with others of your choice to be sent through email, social media, or within the app. The app doesn't stop at that, it also serves the users by providing a list of what might the user need in times of peace.

ShieldList works offline and need connection only when signing up. It has so many benefits for the users as it provides a safe place for the important documents to be safe guarded in the Digital Lockbox which is encrypted, two step authentication and stores docs only on phone. That way everything you need when time is tight is right in your pocket! The app will be further developed to include features like the ability to send SOS massages.

The data generated through the app can be used for many financial benefits for NASA.





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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.