What is surrounding us | Virtual Space Exploration

The Challenge | Virtual Space Exploration

Generate Virtual Reality environments for the surface of the Moon and Mars! Obtain 3D models from NASA resources, such as Moon Trek and Mars Trek. Integrate 3D models of surface exploration systems and habitats. Develop and deploy the virtual world at a hosting service.

What is surrounding us

A VR trip around the Solar System with information about the planets.

What is surrounding us

At first, we thought about making a simple trip around the solar system in which we could interact and get some information about the planets. While we were developing the app, as we wanted to focus it mainly for children but also we wanted it to be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, we thought about including VR in the app.

VR has become the main strength of our app, with amazing transitions beetween planets and some curious facts about them.

List of resources that we have used in our project:

- https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/images

- https://images.nasa.gov/details-GSFC_20171208_Arch...

-Background and skybox: http://hubblesite.org/images/gallery

-Planet sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MmWeZHsQzs


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