Team Updates

We've finally finished the application after working 12 hours straight. It's 6:30am right now.

More things we've added are:

1) Where is roadster?

This shows realtime location of Tesla roadster which was sent in space on February 6, 2018. But it also shows what would it look like if we could see the roadster close up, drifting in space.

(Above screenshot from the application)

2) Where is Bennu?

You can also see where Asteroid Bennu is in space in real time. We do that by getting it's location data and then placing Bennu asteroid model in a virtual world, which is basically simulating what it would look like if we planted a camera near the asteroid.

gtxravelGiorgi Tskhovrebadze

#Update 2 Addon

So, if you look at the moon picture on #Update 2 carefully, you'll notice that there's something wrong with an american flag. Woops *Moon consipiracy confirmed*.

Okay so we fixed that, and made some minor changes. Enjoy the screenshots from the current version below.

Tip: to open full screenshot, Right click -> Open image in a new tab.

gtxravelGiorgi Tskhovrebadze

Update #2

We have developed moon and mars terrain, placed US flag on moon and rover on mars. Have placed planets as they are in real world. We made animations and movements for camera and vehicle.

oniani12Nick Oniani

Update #1

We have successfully managed to make a huge progress in just 6 hours. We have made solar system environment with moon and mars terrain, so you can travel through it and get some vital information about the planet. Right now, we are working on more features and adding various possibilities to see different things on mars and moon.

oniani12Nick Oniani

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