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The Challenge | On the Shoulders of Giants

Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!

Space Canvas - Feel space, feel human. -

Our purpose is awaking creativity & curiosity that were possessed in our childhood. By our app, Space Canvas, you can create your original constellation with your illustration & HST image. This art makes your precious one smile. Let's change the world.

Team Debris T-shirt

1.Project Video

Modern people are only interested in themselves. Our team wants to increase people who are interested in not only ourselves but also things other than ourselves. And we want to create creativity and curiosity, that are originally possessed by all human beings.

Feel space, feel human.

We thought that space was irrelevant to human. Having said that, space actually awakens "humanity", that is human's creativity and curiosity. Human and space can be connected by human arts and beautiful images from Hubble Space Telescope.

Scene1: crowded train / unsplash
Scene2: Starry sky / unsplash
Backgroud music: amacha music .mp3

2. How Space Canvas works

1) Shoot illustrations etc. with a smartphone
2) Look for the sequence of stars matching the illustration from the Hubble whole sky balloon image while looking at the goodness of fit and create a constellation
3-1) Print the created constellation on a T-shirt
3-2) See the starry sky with the AR
3-3) Display on the celestial globe with a hologram

3. Explanation of constellation generation system

There are lots of wonderful photos of stars on the NASA website.Among them, the one that copied the whole sky is especially wonderful and it shows various facial expressions. This time, I wrote a source that makes handwritten illustrations etc. constellation based on the color all-sky map. Calculate the correlation of where your picture is close to where in the star map somewhere, and map the image to the place with the highest correlation coefficient. Regardless of the type of the star chart, if it is a star map that lets you know the coordinates from the position on the image it is also possible to search the star from the star table. We extract the image of the area with high correlation coefficient and extract the stars by image processing, the nebula is treated as one star.
I attempted to automatically create a line connecting the stars like an ordinary constellation, but it has not gone well yet. Please enjoy where mapping your photos or photographs you drew. It is also fun to look at the mapped star area in detail.

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