The Challenge | On the Shoulders of Giants

Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!

Bouncy Hubble

Our game is designed to engage a young audience to learn while having fun. In the game you have fun facts when you die and on the website you can choose to play the game or have a look at some stunning imagery taken from the NASA Hubble telescope.


Over 15,000 papers have been published about the hubble telescope and it has made over 1 million observations. However we all still lack knowledge and awareness of the hubble telescope which produces some of the most stunning images in this world. We hope to change this through our website and show the true beauty and wonder of our universe.

We are integrating images from the Hubble Telescope with a progressive and addictive game. We are doing this to give people a deeper understanding of space, the planets and the stars within our universe because the majority of people in our society are unaware of what is happening in deeper space. The idea is to increase awareness of the telescope by taking advantage of the gap in the market for educational VR games. The market is worth $108.9b and is only expected to grow. Our target market are 18-23 year olds who are the largest consumer of PC games in the world

In the future we want to use the same concept of the game but this time in VR. You will be able to look around you and experience being in space whilst still learning. This version of the game will also enable you to explore different stars and planets and learn about them because it’s hard to identify planets just by their look also you can learn properties and what could happen with them. It could also be used for training as to see what it would be like going onto different planets in your own house and see for yourself if this is something you would like to do. We wanted to make bouncy hubble in VR but due to the limitations and our experience we decided to make it as a website for now but in the future develop this into VR. We will also aim to make money in the future through selling the VR game for £3.99. We hope to make a difference through gamification as it is extremely important in promoting education towards our target market because it keeps them entertained.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.