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Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!

Hubble Course

It's an educational game, in which people of all sorts of ages will have the opportunity to develop and expand their knowledge in astronomy through the lenses of the Hubble Space Telescope and its marvelous vast archive of photographs.

Milky Way


The Hubble Space Telescope is a space telescope that was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990 and remains in operation. It was named by NASA as the world's first space-based optical telescope after American astronomer Edwin P. Hubble Even though it is not the first space telescope,it is one of the largest and most versatile out there. The purpose of the Hubble Space Telescope is to gather light from cosmic objects so scientists can better understand the universe around us. The images and information that the Hubble telescope has provided has led to significant progress in understanding our universe and it is likely that without its assistance, fundamental discoveries and knowledge in astronomy wouldnt have been acquired. It seems every couple of years, the telescope faces challenges, whether it be breaking down or the threat of losing funding.

The following project presents a game that will help people acquire knowledge in an entertaining and fun way through the remarkable photographs taken by the trelescope, that will help them understand the significant role and the importance of the discoveries that the Hubble Space Telescope continues to supply.


Our objective is to provide or transmit knowledge to all kinds of people, about the Hubble Space Telescope. By creating this educational game (, our objective with this boardgame is to inform people about the discoveries and data that were received by NASA from the Hubble Telescope.


Our project consists of a game for 4 people or 4 teams, where four astronauts( must reach the end of the road. To reach this end, players must face a series of questions about the Hubble telescope findings and much more. When rolling the dice the players have the possibility of facing a question, hint , or a black hole. When you fall on a question, you’ll have the possibility of either getting true or false, or a pick a choice. If you fall on a hint , you’ll have the opportunity to hold that car, that will help you face the questions that will come ahead. Lastly the black hole is the ultimate challenge, this challenge consists on answering hard questions about the universe without the help of the hints received during the game.The winner will be the first one that covers all four levels of our game and then becomes the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

the complete set of rules may be found on this link (

Future objectives:

Our main objective, when it comes to future opportunities, is to transform this physical board game into a digital app, where everybody can easily reach the knowledge and learn by having fun. even more we are going to develop board games for the specific main areas discovered to enhance the knowledge on this areas. The team understands that the possibilities are vast.

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The game was made by the help of paint 3D.

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