The Challenge | On the Shoulders of Giants

Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!

Hubble Deep Explorer

Hubble Telescope Space Shooter and Exploration Game

Hubble NoScope

Video games are a fun, effective, and motivating way to provide information to users across all age groups. Hubble Deep Explorer sets out to engage the player in the beautiful world of deep space using Hubble Space Telescope images as its main source of assets. The player is incentivized to progress further in the game and deeper into space, thus exploring and learning more about the celestial bodies that inhabit the universe.

Maneuver the Hubble Telescope through space, dodge and shoot down incoming asteroids, and take pictures of passing celestial bodies. Try to get the high score and collect all the pictures to reveal what they are.

Game download link: HubbleDeepExplorer. Download and extract the .zip file, run the HubbleDeepExplorer.exe to play.

Project Source on Github:

Game made using Game Maker Studio 2:

Assets from:


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