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Global Nominee

The Challenge | On the Shoulders of Giants

Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!


Bridge: inspire to be inspired.


What is Bridge?

Bridge is a game of connection between exact sciences & human sciences.

We think that the beauty of the universe is the meeting point that humankind has always needed since we began to think about nature as an aseptic world led by mathematics.

Have you ever thought about poetry as a reasonable way to describe the essence of the Universe?

Don’t you ever feel inspired by something you will never fully understand?

Bridge is this, inspire to be inspired.

It is built to prove that these two worlds can be actually merged as one by playing it.

Gain awareness of yourself by playing our game, have fun!

About our project:

Our open-source project is available here:

Our site is online here:

Universe is poetry!


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.