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Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!

Loteria Espacial

Loteria Espacial is fun and magical


¡Hola Mundo! Hello world!

We decided to design an online game called "Lotería espacial", since we are from Mexico and it is a very popular game in this country.

The reason for creating this board game online is so that people can be closer, in a fun way, to the wonders that the universe offers.

Space hosts many surprising phenomena and sometimes we do not know them, from supernovas, to the formation of nebulas with incredible aspects.

We hope that with this game you can immerse yourself in the immensity of space and get to know it better, and love it as we do!

We used the images from the Hubble Space Telescope to create this game. Thanks to the official NASA site for providing these resources.

Where do I play the game?

"Loteria Espacial" is available at:


We decided to use AngularJS to scaffold and structure our website, we are new to its usage, so that was a challenge but we enjoyed learning.

The biggest challenge for us was that one of us lives in Europe and the other one in Mexico. There is a 9 hour difference between the places where we live so, imagine how challenging it was to get together and talk! One of us went to bed really late and the other had to wake up very early in the morning (fortunately, it is the weekend! :D). We had a lot of fun and we loved being connected during our awake hours to work together :)



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