The Challenge | Remix The Golden Record

Develop a concept for a time capsule with content to educate an extraterrestrial civilization about human culture and our solar system.

The Golden record 2.0 and The Golden Messenger

Golden Messenger is a mobile app that will allow you to record the most interrestingclips not only post it publicly so we humans will discover more about ourselves and our home planet but also you will send it to the golden record 2.0 that will be launched

On September 5th 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1 from Cape Canaveral Florida. Almost 4 decades later that spacecraft is over 12 billion miles from home. Voyager carries a golden record containing a greeting from the people of earth to the alien life waiting for an answer. on the record there is a collection of images and sounds a short glimpse into the soul of our planet, people saying hi in all languages followed by clips of crying babies and nature sounds... but since aliens probably wouldn’t know what to do with a phonograph record Nasa had to provide a set of instructions on the record cover written with a code that everyone living in the universe might be able to decipher using the most common molecule in the universe which is hydrogen as a unit of measurement and a binary code which is a universal language as well. But we , here, the creators of the remixed golden record that we called golden record 2.0 we are going to send the message in the way that NASA wasn’t able to send back then. Not only us will say Hi to the aliens when we meet them, we, all humans on earth are going to proudly say it thanks to the golden record 2.0. Let us introduce you the golden messenger, not only an app but also a messenger to the alien civilisations out there, that all humans around the globe can use ,this app will be the change, all of you will be able to record anything you want... anything, and not only post it in public so we humans will discover more about our sense of race and our dear home planet earth but also you will send it to the golden record 2.0 that will be launched in its trip through the endless space for millions and millions of years. Now all humans from all around the globe will contribute in our time capsule, you guys will be able to record a message, a routine, a funny thing ,things you love, you enjoy or things that might be interesting for you and you think aliens should see them . you could record all: plants animals... or... let’s leave this for your creativity and imagination... the final part of this project will be the collect the best clips from each category to add it to the record before its launch to space... but wait... since it’s a message from all of you to all aliens, you are the one that will also choose and vote for the clips that will be up there far far away from this planet, representing us, our civilization, even if it comes to an end, this planet and its life and aaall of you will never ever be forgotten.

The first minute of the golden record 2.0 :


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