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Develop a concept for a time capsule with content to educate an extraterrestrial civilization about human culture and our solar system.

Remix Of Earth

Making contact with extraterrestrial smart species has been the dream of many scientists now.This project aims to make those species we want to talk to,know that we exists.


Explanation :

As of today there have been 5 space crafts that have an escape trajectory Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, and New Horizons. None of this spacecraft had a trajectory to make it the fastest but it happened that Voyager1 would take the lead and its now going at a steady 38,000 mph towards its goal. The reason Voyager 1 has the lead as the fastest is because it took gravity assist from Jupiter and Saturn. This ship contained a time capsule with information from Earth like: Songs, Photos of our anatomy, Photos of people doing daily activities etc. Our goal is to try to make our own time capsule and improve the strategy.

Our Ideas :

Our plan is to make the spacecraft our capsule will be in faster. Voyager 1 was released 41 years ago. In 41 years our technology have improved by a lot.

-- New Horizons is the fastest probe to be ever launched but its trajectory did not focus on speed and saving that speed all it had to do was reach Pluto, gather more information about it and send it back to us. --On the other hand we have Juno. Juno is ow of the fastest spacecrafts ever. It reached speeds of 165,000 mph which is more then 4 times the speed of Voyager. Our idea is to make the space craft that will be launched as light as possible and it will focus on speed by getting a gravity assist form other planets and of course a safe trip. If we could make the space craft go 1% faster then Voyage1 then it will shave of a lot of years because this plan is considered to last for tens of thousands of years. But what if the speed was 10% faster,20% faster and maybe even twice the speed , for example: if the speed is 20% faster and the journey will take a minimum of 10,000 years we could save years of the trip but what if the journey is 1,000,000 years ,we would be able to shave of 200,000 years.

Implementation ;

In the spacecraft there will be 2 discs and one clock that counts up to 12 seconds. One of them will include all the music and sounds, and engravings of that clock in case the clock is completely destroyed and the graphic that shows how they will play the discs (how long will a full cycle take) .On the second disc, all the pictures that are inside will be encoded into the disc and on the back of that disc will be shown how to decode that disk and the first photo on that disc. That way they will know if they decoded it in the right way.






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