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Use NASA Data to Plan a Rover Mission on the Moon!

Space Titans

Space Titans want to achieve deeper space travel by refuelling space crafts on their way...

The goal of Space Titan is to refuel space crafts for long haul flights. This can extend a spacecrafts mission life and in the future it can accommodate people as a solution to overpopulation after we have laid down the foundations for the base.

Currently, there are no extra-terrestrial fuel stations that have been built or currently are currently in active planning. It will benefit scientists as it can aid deeper space missions, extending the time we can use spacecraft. This is needed as a space craft loses more than 25% of its fuel escaping Earth's gravity and once the fuel is gone it means they can't get it back.

A reason for doing this is that in 3 months the Kepler Space Telescope will run out of fuel meaning there will be an abundance of research meaning we might not find another planet which can sustain human life.

Here is our presentation:

GitHub for the prototypes:


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