The Challenge | Mission to the Moon!

Use NASA Data to Plan a Rover Mission on the Moon!

Moon Walker

Moon walker's main functionalities are based on landing and its working on the moon. It has 2 parts, 1- the rover,it has reverse thrusters, laser grid technology,radio telescope,robotic arms,plutonium fuel cell.2-capsule that continues in the lunar orbit.

  • The Moon walker is different from other rover missions because of the following reasons:
  • This has retractable radio telescope-used for collecting radio waves from deeper space. It also has laser grid tech for safe landing and navigation through the dark.
  • The additional capsule which continues in the lunar orbit can be used to test our controls in deeper space.This capsule can be used as a base for further deep space exploration.
  • We have put a plutonium fuel cell which can be used as a power source as well as a source to maintain the temperature of the rover.
  • There is LIBS and RMI system which helps us explore the potential of the lunar soil.

We have collected the data from various websites like

We found it tough to implement our ideas in a realistic way.But we made it through and we hope you like it ;).


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