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Tempest has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Local Peoples' Choice Winner
Global Nominee

The Challenge | Polar Quest

Design a quest-like game to teach others about polar environments and how they are changing. Use NASA data to help adventurers plan their quest and present them with challenges along the way.

Ice Blink

Change the past. Alter the future. A game that prepares scientists for polar expeditions, simulates future of arctic regions based on real data, and helps scientists prepare before expeditions


Ice Blink is a 4-dimensional systems-based augmented reality puzzle game that simulates the interaction between entities in a given localized ecosystem to predict its future along a timeline. Users can go back and forward along the timeline to make changes in the environment and observe how the effects of these changes can cascade and impact the future of these regions.

The the idea of this application is to allow researchers to create their own scenarios based on real data in order to simulate future impacts of real or hypothetical changes in the arctic regions. It can also be used by scientists to adequately prepare before embarking on an expedition. Finally, designing the app as a game makes it more accessible by a wider variety of people, which will help spread awareness of the dangers facing the arctic regions.

Data used:

Sea level change over time:

Crysphere data around the Earth:

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