Suicide Adventure | Polar Quest

The Challenge | Polar Quest

Design a quest-like game to teach others about polar environments and how they are changing. Use NASA data to help adventurers plan their quest and present them with challenges along the way.

Suicide Adventure

Attract people with complicated information with simple & easy way to explore south pole.

Suicide Adventure

As there are about 2.3 Billion people are active gamers & The game is the best way to describe or show a complicated information into easier & simple one. Websites: that will help the gamers to follow the game’s updates, the newest news that will help them to discover more, If any one likes the game & he want to travel; there will be a safety mood in websites that gives info. about the places that have bad weather & predict the storms. Before the game start, A small intro that tell a small story: a meteor fell in Antarctica 50 years ago, a group scientists spotted a great energy coming out of it so they decided to explore it. After that they lost in big storm there. In this small intro, the gamer will know: 1. That there are 70% of meteors falls in the south pole. 2. When the game start, the gamer will observe the difference between the wind, transportation type, Temp. , Animal and pressure; those info. Will appear in the game. 3. Some of things that happens in south pole as Aurora. 4. The hazards that they face as the storm or the low temp. After those 50 years the weather, sea high, transportation were changed, 4 explorers went to discover the source that the scientist was searching for from 50 years and the game will began: First, the 4 explorers are: the first one is the information guide. The second one is the driver. The third one that have resources. The fourth one is the leader (active player). Every one will give leader the information that he needs to pass every levels in the game. Second, there will be a map to give information about the place where they will visit as size, type of ice, population, whether, coastline measure and so on. Third, there will be a icon information that will give the explores info. about animals in south pole, Hazards that they will face and which safety tools to avoid it, ice & mountain high, Transportation type and coastal type.



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