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The Challenge | Polar Quest

Design a quest-like game to teach others about polar environments and how they are changing. Use NASA data to help adventurers plan their quest and present them with challenges along the way.

On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice is a game we are developing to educate people on polar environments and the changes they have undergone the past 100 years, informing on climate change and possible outcomes through NASA-provided data through fun, interactive gameplay.

Sub-Zero Entertainment

We are a team of 6 friends who have undertaken this project in order to help educate people and inspire them to take action in the future when it comes to polar environments and other ecosystems in our planet, especially when it comes to climate change and how it affects us. Our team's goal was to do this in an interactive environment such as a game, to keep people engaged and teach them without having them lose interest in the topic throughout the process.

For this purpose, our team built a game in the Unity engine using C#, made the music for it in FL Studio, sprites in GIMP and found other copyright-free sprites online. We also used Openshot as a tool to create a video of the demo gameplay for everyone to see. We are still in the early stages and haven't fully developed every aspect of it due to time constraints, but we know what we want to achieve with it, how to do it or at least how to learn to, and we're very excited to put our technical knowledge to use in something as fun as an educational game.

Our team is full of first-timers in this, from programming in Unity to using video editing tools to creating music and game sprites, so we had a lot to learn before we could do anything during this 2-day period. We believe it's been a great learning and bonding experience and we've certainly come out of it with extra skills and a willingness to continue this project and make a success out of it.

Here's our Unity project uploaded to Mega, since we wanted our code to be publicly available:!5Id0UKJL!qZ40ZLpE_SrfGlCgZsvT2LaxE3vIocNkljH0PMOpcmU


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