Space Cadets | Polar Quest

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Space Cadets has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Local Peoples' Choice Winner

The Challenge | Polar Quest

Design a quest-like game to teach others about polar environments and how they are changing. Use NASA data to help adventurers plan their quest and present them with challenges along the way.

Space Cadets / Polar Quest

Our project entails a fully-educational, interactive game, whose goal it is to help future polar explorers succeed in their quests and avoid the issues that have plagued the polar exploring community for years

Space Cadets

Demo Video:

We’re a team of young programmers looking up to change the world for the better, in the best way that we can, and that would be coding.

Our team built a game from scratch, using Unity, Photoshop, Visual Studio as well as Prezi for the presentation. We faced few unusual challenges, such as bugs, glitches or errors, but most were patched in time for this demo. We built one easteregg into this game for the Jury to hunt. We used 16bit models and this game is completely 2D.

We chose this challenge, because we believe this game could be very helpful for people in future. Because of the 17 failed expeditions in the South Pole, and 85 lives lost, we find a certain amount of necessity and urgency for this game to exist, both in the form of a game and in the form of a test. A test for people who want to visit Antarctica as well as an entertaining form of learning for everyone. Our game has been built in a very child friendly way. This way, even children are able to learn about the Antarctic and maybe even develop a liking for exploring one of the vastest deserts of our world.

We strongly believe this will be a means of education as well as a means of encouraging exploration of Antarctica. Because of this we’d like to further develop this game into an interactive method of learning, practicing and developing experience, as well as a pretty good means of testing the knowledge a user already possesses.

Up and coming features and functions:

-An inventory system- which will weigh the user down, should he be over encumbered, but will cost him a lot (such as the effects of hypothermia) should you be underequipped;

-New maps- which will be built on different parts of Antarctica and will have flora and fauna similar to the real-life versions of it. Eventually, we’d also like to name these parts as they are named in real-life;

-More NPCs- behaving similarly to the change of researchers and explorers every few months, we will have explorer NPCs and researcher NPCs change;

-More dialogues- containing new information relevant to added quests and relevant information,

-Quests- containing mundane tasks for a polar explorer, such as examining and collecting different samples of objects;

-A transporting means to move between maps- ships and planes;

-Growth patterns for the tundra- it will be a nice feel, once we measure the behavioral patterns of the algae and mosses, to have them grow and disperse in the way they do in real life.;

-Wind effects- as it relays to the wind affecting our character model slightly, for that just perfect feel.;

-Weather effects on existing character models- on effects such as hypothermia kicking in after a certain amount of time in a certain temperature;

-Temperature and Time Counters- Which will note how time goes by and what temperature it is.

Features and functions to be improved:

-Character models- Which need to be improved, such as the main character and researches, who need to be better equipped for Antarctic climate. ;

-Existing map- it will be enlarged and will encompass more of the part of the coastline near Scott Mine, which is the starting and existing map.;

-Animal NPCs attitude- it will encompass attitudes well-witnessed in the world of Antarctic animals, such as the penguin and seals;

-NPC dialogue and attitude- which could use dialogue options and more in depth dialogue, as well as dialogue that relates to the current mission the main character is doing.



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