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Design a quest-like game to teach others about polar environments and how they are changing. Use NASA data to help adventurers plan their quest and present them with challenges along the way.

Terra Nova

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Our project - Terra Nova, is about Roald Amundsen's expedition to the south pole - the first ever person to reach it. We've tinkered a game to give players control over the difficult choices Roald and his crew members had to make over a 100 years ago.



Terra Nova aims to give players a realistic experience that imitates, based on facts, Roald Amundsen's expedition to the south pole over a 100 years ago. We've made a game with an educational purpose to showcase the gripping story of the expedition with the aim to raise interest towards past and current endeavors in Antarctica. Our game puts players in the driving seat, giving them control over choices such as rationing, resource management and on-the-spot decisions in response to random encounters that Roald and his crew had to face during their quest.
Our game features original artwork and we use NASA data to provide realistic weather conditions as information to the player so that they can feel more immersed while making their decisions.
We hope to expand our idea in the future in a way to enable us to use the same game formula to express current issues and projects in the Antarctic.


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