The Challenge | Polar Quest

Design a quest-like game to teach others about polar environments and how they are changing. Use NASA data to help adventurers plan their quest and present them with challenges along the way.

Polar Saver

Polar Saver contributes to the act of raising awareness about global warming and its effects on wildlife with mini games.

Hisar CS

Project Description

Polar Saver is an interactive application that, when first opened, presents the user a mission to analyse the changes going on in the poles. The user is then transferred to a page where 4 arctic animals, as well as the number of carbon dioxide in the air, the sea level, and the temperature are shown for the year 1900. When the user clicks on the animals, a different mission is assigned to the user, and the user must play the games in order to complete the missions. When the user completes all the missions, a report of all the data collected is sent to NASA for that year. Every time the report is sent, the years go by as 1900, 1950, and 2016.


Our team is made up of 9 high-school students who have a passion for developing new technologies and impacting our globe in a unique way.


Challenges Faced

As we cannot edit an Xcode project from more than one device, we weren't able to work together at the same time. Some of us worked on the visual effects and design while the others gathered information and wrote the code. We tried to turn this into an opportunity by working on our best area. It was also hard to stay awake and work for 48 hours.


Throughout our journey in the NASA Space Apps Challenge, our differences were our strengths. Therefore, the main obstacle we encountered was actually what made us a stronger team. As we were not able to write the our code from more than one computer, we had to work on different areas. This helped us realize our own strengths in specific areas and work more efficiently. This efficiency contributed to our team as a whole, as we were individuals gathered from various skills. Another strength we had as a team was our ability to help one another. Some of us worked on the design part of the application, while others worked on the programming part. However, because we all have experience in both areas, we were able to consult one another and this way, gather and consider a variety of areas. By contributing to areas we did not specifically work on throughout these 48 hours, helping each other, and understanding our strengths in distinct areas, helped us acknowledge the extent we could reach by working together as a team, as Hisar CS.

Our Code

Our Presentation


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