The Challenge | Find My Cryosphere!

Design an app that lets a user pick a location and learn about the parts of Earth's cryosphere that impact that location.


This app lets you find the nearest part of the cryosphere through gelocalization. It also lets you toggle through different temperatures to see the impact this has on the ice, sea levels, flora, fauna, terrain edificability and human life.

We built an app prototype and various designs of the different features. It is a simple to use and yet complex app. This application will not just let you find the nearest glacier, permafrost or ice, but will let you see directly what the changes in the cryosphere will do to the environment and ecosystem that to user interaction. As resources we used the data collected by Nasa, expecially the ones regarding sea level rising, biological wildlife and flora, and those relative to the cryosphere. We also used other resources such as academic papers and web researches.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.