The Challenge | Find My Cryosphere!

Design an app that lets a user pick a location and learn about the parts of Earth's cryosphere that impact that location.

Near Nix

We are developing a mobile app that facilitates finding information about cryosphere, the nearest snow regions to you, tools you would need for skiing,walking and mountaineering,precautions needed to be safe and finally its impact on your environment.



National snow and data center glaciers inventory :

The data:

The idea:

1. Use the dataset to locate the snow regions (glaciers,ice caps,ice sheets,etc ..)

2. Getting the user location and using the data to find snow regions that are close to him

3.Telling the user the precautions he would need, the tools he might need and how any disturbance in the cryosphere may affect him

The app is being developed with:

Java Programming


Pandas (python)

Google maps layers


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.