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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Find My Cryosphere!

Design an app that lets a user pick a location and learn about the parts of Earth's cryosphere that impact that location.


Data Sorting System for Earth's Cryoshpere Data

Melting point

One of the biggest problems today is global warming. Areas under ice are melting, which causes different types of changes (Ocean level rising, climate changes, etc.).

We're using valuable data from NASA and other sources to form a singular tool for data analysis, graphical display and short-term predictions. Application allows you to see information about closest frozen areas and their impact on water rise level in your location. Also it allows users to search through data about Earths cryosphere and its effects on local and global environment. It's user-friendly, but it can also be used by scientists that are interested in this topic.



SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.