GreenCollars | Find My Cryosphere!

The Challenge | Find My Cryosphere!

Design an app that lets a user pick a location and learn about the parts of Earth's cryosphere that impact that location.

My cryosphere...

Given the latitude and longitude of a place, the glaciers in the nearby areas can be viewed. The parameters affected by the melting of the cryosphere such as precipitation rate, sea level, temperature are visualised.

App for the cryosphere projec tChallenge.

Given a location, visualise how parts of the cryosphere impacts the location's climatic conditions...


Cryosphere acts like a reflective blanket and protets the earth from getting too warm.

Influences surface energy, clouds, precipitation, hydrology, atmospheric and oceanic circulation.

"The cold regions of our planet influences the world's climate"

Our approach.

Visualised :

the snow cover data (terra and aqua) MODIS.

Glacier data with lat long.

Parameters affected by the melting of the snow cover.


precipittion rate (GLDAS data)

rise in sea level (nasa sea level portal)

marine life.


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