The Challenge | Space Apps: The Documentary

Create a short documentary to capture the essence of NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge.

Creative Art

we made a small video about how we were so excited to get to this challange of nasa but unfortunately we had some problems and we coulden't be local participaters so we didn't give up and we decided to make our video and do the online inscription.

Our Documentary Production Process :



- Post-Production(Editing)***

Our Pre-Production :

-Script :

*Introduction :

Some mystirious sound goes on ( communications of the nasa with the rocket ) , until the sound finishs up with a black screen.A rocket in space starts falling down until a camera tiltsto chayma’s head . Chayma looks up , finding herself in a crowd of participants with huge sound in the background. ( Voice Over : It all started with this story , She wasn’t accepted ! , everyone is now working to submit their project ( videos of people working ) but she is still standing not knowing what the next step is ( time lapse of the background+Tilt 360 degrees)


Zoom in the eye of chayma ( going back in time effect, muffle sound, blurred yellowish video) Chayma is standing in front of her computer typing « Nasa Space App Challenge 2017

---- pc then turns black , it opens with different videos ( videohive history timeline ) , singning on for a quick survey and the whole adventure starts ( videos of organisations , new friends BUT , chayma receives some bad news in a new email ( focus on the screen of the smartphone with the email on ) , where she is shocked (going out of the eyes scene)the camera goes backward and 2 new actors enter the scenes behind chayma.While she is opening her eyes (Wake up) after opening her eyes ( there is another chance ) with the other 2 actors mimicing « there is another chance »

-all of the 3 actors say « Let’s do this , let’s make our own experience » , all of the 3 members looks at each other and say at the same time « Virtual Participance » we go to a desk and register to the virtual experience .while going out we go and stop by few teams , talking with them then high fiving the membersthe end of the interaction while going out of the principal door.


We’re in the room working with our pcs.Then oops a new notification , to Chayma’s pc , she clicks on the video and ..(sound of transformation from earth to space)camera goes up to the space and shows the whole Earth .where we find videos of different stranger arround the worldand a small 3D plane moving from a country to another.


From the Earth The Virtual Camera will go down back to the room where the 3 actors are eating and having so much fun and talking about the whole event at the same time where Fares ben Hlima says « This event is freaking big » and Mohammed says « I wonder who is the leader behind all of this »

( the Leader of the event « Ali » passes by in front of the door . the 3 actors look at each other and say « Interview Time ! »

*Scene4 ( the Interview)

We’re in a room interviewing ALI and exactly asking him about the things that drove them to organise such an event , what does this challenge mean to him

*Scene5 ( back to the room)

We’re back in our working so hard ( a motivating music in the background )

After finishing our work we do our Special Greeting( flying rocket with 2 fingers of our hands)

Get out of the whole place where the event is happy with our results .And finally the rocket is lunched again ! ..

-StoryBoard Link :

-Shot list in this link :

- 4:05min docummentary in this link :

-Voice-Over Docummentary version :


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.