The Challenge | Space Apps: The Documentary

Create a short documentary to capture the essence of NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge.

The Space Apps Cairo Experience

A taste of the Space Apps experience in one of the largest hackathons worldwide; Cairo!

Space Apps Cairenes

As volunteers at Space Apps Cairo since its birth in 2015, we've witnessed four years of growing success, an exponential number of applicants each year and increasing record of female roles taking part in the hackathon, both as organizers and participants. We wanted to capture the experience shared by all Space Apps Cairo participants; an exhilarating 48-hours full of intense excitement (as well as pressure to be honest), positivity and healthy competition vibes in the air.

Here is a glimpse into the 2 days of the hackathon, whether for participants, volunteers or partnering entities that made Space Apps Cairo a huge success this year.

The final project video can be found here:


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.