Awards & Nominations

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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Artify the Earth

Use NASA Earth imagery data to create 1) an art piece, or 2) a tool that allows the imagery to be manipulated to create unique pieces of art.

NASA News App Alert

The information hub, having updates of NASA's progressions available for mass public. The App predicts upcoming natural occurrences based on data analysis model & current readings, fused with AI Chat Bot to elevate interaction with NASA's resources & data.



NASA News Alert Application is one of its kind having the most distinguished features available to the public all around the globe. This application is developed to provide aid to the space science students and faculty in all the universities and colleges.

The features are distributed in two majors modules.

Module 1: The Basic News Alert Application

This is the one half which is entirely focused on providing accurate news updates, new events, new missions to the space information and predicting the forthcoming the natural occurrences.

Feature 1: Customized Panel (Faculty (Teachers) and Student)

The application will have three main panels:

  • Guest
  • Faculty
  • Students

Faculty will be chosen by the University as NASA's authorized staff, who will be responsible for creating profiles of students, and this application will help them in teaching, and explain the latest phenomenon.

Students will be able to use this application to get a wider insight into the ongoing progressions and developmental projects of NASA. They will be having access to all the history of missions NASA has been doing.

Guests will only be able to view the latest articles, and updates of the NASA's ongoing researches.

Feature 2: Push Notifications

App users will be getting push notifications of the latest news and feed on NASA.

Feature 3: Geological Tracking

The system will be tracking the location of the app user, to provide curated weather and solar updates to that specific location, this will also help in getting the concerned information about the specific region and climate.

Main Feature (4): Predictions based on Data Analysis Model

The system will be predicting, the upcoming natural occurrences, be it natural disasters, such as cyclones, drought, even Tsunami, or extreme weather conditions.

Module 2: AI Chat Bot FOR NASA

The application has AI Chat Bot integrated within the panels, enabling all the users to interact with the most authentic resource of answers and solutions.

Feature 5: Quick Response, lessening the need to Google the answers.

The AI Chat Bot will be answering the basic questions to the most advanced queries, the answers will be more authentic and accurate rather than articles on Google.

Feature 6: Machine Learning

The queries will then be stored, and NASA can use the data to make their services better around the globe. These queries will decrease the distance of communication between the public and NASA.




SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.