The Challenge | Artify the Earth

Use NASA Earth imagery data to create 1) an art piece, or 2) a tool that allows the imagery to be manipulated to create unique pieces of art.

Know yourself on Earth

We want you to know your planet in 4 cliks!Upload your favorite photo, generate your mosaic with Earth`s images, and discover what parts of the planet recreate it. Enjoy the collage and explore the images discovering the wonderful secrets of the Earth


We have chosen Artify the earth challenge to show different earth places interactively. People want to learn about the universe but, what we really know about our planet?. NASA has more than fifty years of awesome earth images and we want these images go beyond scientific communities.

Know yourself on earth and bring the Earth knowledge to anyone. We want people can discover the Earth secrets through another viewpoint never seen before.

You could create unique and personal pieces of art and, at the same time you can discover the Earth as close as mysterious.

Build an awesome collage using NASA's images with our web application in 4 easy steps:

1 Click start button.

2 Select desired picture.

3. Discover earth interesting facts and beautiful places while we build your collage.

4. Know which places have been chosen this time for your mosaic.

5. Try again and generate a new random mosaic.

How it works?

We use your submitted image comparing its histogram with the thousand most matching images from the NASA api. The selected images will be used to generate a unique collage each time. When the collage is done, you will be able to save it and there will be a list of the involucrated images with their description and source link with more information.

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