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Global Nominee

The Challenge | 1D, 2D, 3D, Go!

Create and deploy web apps that will enable anyone to explore Earth from orbit! Visualize Earth science satellites and mission data using interactive virtual globes, such as NASA’s Web WorldWind. Use data sets from NASA’s Open Data Portal to present fire, ice, clouds, meteorites, or water temperature spectra.

Fish Move

"Fish Move" is a web application that allows you to more accurately locate groups of fish of a specific species. Gathering information from various organizations and institutions.

Fish Move

We have an application that is able to graph more accurately the location of groups of fish belonging to a specific species. From data obtained from different satellites such as the “Terra (EOS AM-1)”, using the “ASTER” and “MODIS” instruments, together with data provided by different organizations and institutions throughout the plant, we can cross them and predict the behavior of some marine species, as well be able to signal an approximate location of the same over time, providing greater accuracy for fishing companies, as for the conservation of marine protected fauna, since having these data, we can provide information with greater accuracy to prevent these specimens from be affected in fishing.

Fish Move proposes an intuitive interface, where the user is geolocated or can enter a specific location. When selecting a species and a month of the current year, a technical sheet and a map indicating the approximate location of the densest schools are provided.

It also has different layers of visualization such as an annual trajectory chart, location of fishing vessels, among others.

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